Dussehra Puja 2014 – Durga Puja Shubh Muhurat

Dussehra is a major festival of Hindu culture that falls in the month of Ashwin (generally in October or September as per English calender) . On this day as per the legends Lord Rama Killed the Demon. In order to celebrate this happiness of triumph of good over evil, there are huge celebrations on this day. But every celebration in Hindu culture starts with the prayers or Puja.

There are different ways of doing prayers or Puja and everybody do that as per his or her faith. Some those who are very fortunate conduct huge Yagya, in which lots of people are invited. On the other hand, some carry out all the Puja by themselves. Some people call priest at home and carry out all the necessary procedure on this day.

Shubh Muhurat For Dussehra 2014 Festival

In 2013 following are the Shubh Muhurat for Puja:

Vijay Muhurat = 14:08 to 14:54
Aparahana Puja Time = 13:22 to 15:40.

How Durga Puja for this day is organized?

Firstly the whole house is sanitized by proper cleaning everything. This is done to sanitize the environment in the house. Special sweet dishes, mainly Kheer is made and other dishes like Puri etc too. At the place where gods are placed in house, the area is thoroughly cleaned and also idol of metals are cleaned properly. proper tilak of gods is carried out also called as Raj Abhishek. Men and women both can do this. Also during this day, all the family member wear washed cloths and take an early morning bath.

Ladies in the houses make sure to prepare Prasad for this day. Some people make Prasad by adding tulsi leaves in to curd and then sugar in to it. It is called as ‘Charnamrit’. While other mess puri and add crushed Batasha in to it (Batasha is made of sugar). Keeping five different fruits especially banana in front of the god is considered very auspicious. Now Diya is lightened up and Cow Dung ( heated on gas already) is put into havan. Now people put ghee and other stuff that are mean to be put in to it like Jaiphal (Nutmeg). As per the legends, this purifies the environment in the house and essential for positive energies to come in.

First of all Ganesha God is worshipped as he is above all and then prayers of other gods are done. After finish of the prayers, everyday has to take Dhoop (Blessing of diya). Women generally roam with this Dhoop in entire house to make it pure. Prasad is distributed among all the people after prayers are over and it mandatory to take it as it is the offering of god to us. In Hindu religion offering first food to priest is considered really auspicious. Feeding poor people and donating cloths and money is also really something that is of top most priority in Hindu culture to the poor.

In states like West Bengal, Durga Puja is organized at larger scales and on this very day there are submerged in water called as Visarjan.